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The world’s largest scanning device event ever – Dreamforce 2012

After all, AIIM is known as a leading organization in ‘image management’ so of course this would be the world’s largest collection of scanning devices ever

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Building an effective capture solution – Part 1 of 3 (User Experience/Device/Interface)

Let me give some examples of use cases and how understanding the user experience first, before considering back-end technology, will help define the proper hardware device for capture: Use case will determine choice of capture hardware: Imagine the user works in the sales department and receives various Price Lists often with many line items that they must enter into the company’s inventory management system. In this case a dedicated document scanner is most likely a logical choice of capture device hardware because they are frequently scanning documents

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Talking about Mobile Content Management

I’m not sure how I’d be surviving without my mobile devices...What’s a mobile device for purposes of this conversation?

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Mobile Document Management: What You Need, Where & When You Need It

Mobile document management is no longer a technology trend, but rather an integral element of business. It allows employees to use their smartphones and tablets to create, open, edit and collaborate on documents, assign and monitor tasks, as well as accomplish many other essential businesses activities all within your organization’s document management system. Mobile Document Management Capabilities Security Set an offline expiration period for documents downloaded to mobile devices Password entry on documents or folders Accessibility Connect to on-site and cloud accounts simultaneously Sync important documents for access when there is no internet connection Keyword search documents, folders and files from your mobile device Open documents in the program of your choice to edit and save Upload new versions of documents, track version history and restore originals Add comments and notes to documents Workflow Initiate and complete workflow actions Create, review and approve workflows that require input from numerous employees Monitor task progress and completion without the need to be in the office #Records-Management #documentmanagement #ElectronicRecordsManagement #mobile

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Approaching Security and Privacy in Mobile-Empowered Businesses in Australia

Over the last few years, mass adoption of mobile devices at workplace has become one of the most dominant trends in Australian businesses...Mobile devices in Australian businesses Mobile innovation is by no means an infant trend in Australian businesses

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Steve Jobs: The leader of the mobile revolution

However, there are two devices in particular I want to focus on in this post...We think nothing of checking our emails, watching videos, updating our profiles on social networks or listening to music on these devices. Why?

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Cloud Content Management

Cloud Content Management (CCM) is such a new subject that at the time I wrote this post there is not a Wikipedia entry for CCM

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Developing a cost-effective mobile content-delivery platform

With the mobile device landscape changing by the day, there are now over 8000 types of mobile devices used across the globe...Which devices should I support?

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