Mobile Document Management: What You Need, Where & When You Need It

By Dennis Kempner posted 04-09-2014 12:28


Smart phones keep getting smarter, tablet computers now run at dizzying speeds, and the Cloud that links them all is seemingly limitless. 83% of Americans currently own a mobile phone and within two years, one-third of all US adults are expected to own a tablet computer.

Mobile document management is no longer a technology trend, but rather an integral element of business. It allows employees to use their smartphones and tablets to create, open, edit and collaborate on documents, assign and monitor tasks, as well as accomplish many other essential businesses activities all within your organization’s document management system.

Mobile Document Management Capabilities


  • Set an offline expiration period for documents downloaded to mobile devices 
  • Password entry on documents or folders 


  • Connect to on-site and cloud accounts simultaneously 
  • Sync important documents for access when there is no internet connection 
  • Keyword search documents, folders and files from your mobile device 
  • Open documents in the program of your choice to edit and save 
  • Upload new versions of documents, track version history and restore originals 
  • Add comments and notes to documents 


  • Initiate and complete workflow actions 
  • Create, review and approve workflows that require input from numerous employees 
  • Monitor task progress and completion without the need to be in the office 

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