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Scenes From A SharePoint Installation Process

Microsoft has done some brilliant marketing around SharePoint, they’ve managed to manipulate the very software approval process at many large organizations

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Microsoft and Skype --- This could be a good thing

With even a little smart marketing there could be tectonic shifts in the mobile, gaming, social as well as the SMB (Small Medium Business) and enterprise application markets

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Is SharePoint an Obstacle in Your Organization?

However, you can't simply look at "social" as an isolated project or technology -- meaning the organization buys into marketing hype and purchases yet another siloed application thinking it will connect all the islands

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The "SharePoint &... "Strategy

Sure, marketing departments and fancy sales people would have you believe that transitioning is that easy, but you know that there is always hard work in changing platforms

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The sad state of modern word processors

It also makes it a lot easier to modify the design should any change in branding be required by some marketing decision, or if the global document structure is updated

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So … What is Yammer? My Simple View

You may have heard that Microsoft is buying a company called Yammer for $1.2 Billion dollars. You may be wondering what this means. You also may be wondering just what Yammer is. Below I have provided a very simple, yet I think apropos, description of what Yammer is and why Microsoft was willing...

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