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Text Analysis: The next step for eDiscovery, Legacy Information Clean-up and Enterprise Information Archiving

The majority of commonly-used search tools are built to retrieve only the most popular hits—which simply doesn’t meet the demands of exploratory legal or investigative search or for more advanced tasks such as document classification for eDiscovery, Legacy Information Clean-up or Enterprise Information Archiving

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Cloud Computing and ECM, 5 things you need to know

How do you handle files and secure access to information?...Access to information . A critical question to ask your provider is "who owns the information?...Can you work with your vendor to reproduce information if required?

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Protecting Your Legacy Data in the Great Migration to the Cloud

Enterprises have tremendous concerns about storing business data outside their own walls because it means relinquishing control – control of information, user access, authentication, and data exposure (whether intentional or accidental) of sensitive personally identifiable information, classified information, or otherwise non-compliant content

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