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I Can’t, Can You? Valuing Information

value that can’t always be...the value of information; you can read the...of the value of information. What you assign a dollar value to it...However, even that does not quantify the value

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I Think I Can – Valuing Information Pt 2

value to information. Thanks to the...some types of information, value increases...” assets whose value depreciates; e...value if it’s being used. Uhm, no...information has value. Think about earth moving

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If "Information Flows Like Water" is your Enterprise Plumbing Ready?

time the potential business value this the information value-gap...Closing the value-gap requires new strategies...-value premium content sources with content...the information value-gap

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Are You Using Your Records Retention Schedule?

getting the full impact value of a RRS or does...? What is the value today that you receive...value of that single-now-simplified with continuing to market the value of...” value of the RRS

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Why Vendor Should Support AIIM's CIP Program

value over the long term. Vendors promote their team’s value. Standard...value of CIP is that it improves messaging...dialect. Keyword, attribute, index value, and

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Which Comes First, Your Content or Your Process?

maximum total value to your organization. But...its value is seriously degraded. place to another, then its value as a...organizations wanting maximum total value from the

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