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How Companies Utilize IT Outsourcing and What We Can Learn From Them

According to a survey of 200 IT executives by Bluewolf , 48% will hire more contractors than full-time [ Tweet This ] staff and 32% see the need to increase their levels of IT outsourcing in the coming year

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How IT Pros Can Help Millennials Toe the Technology Line

According to the survey, roughly 61% percent of young employees believe that security “is not really their responsibility: They want to work hard, from home or the office, using social networks and cloud applications to get the job done, while someone else builds seamless security into their interactions

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How Cloud Is Shaping The Future Of Public Sector IT Security

A Vodafone UK survey conducted among the Information and Communication Technology teams at public sector organizations across the country threw some pretty interesting results

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Occupy IT: John Mancini Peers Behind the Fire Curtain

Kicking and Screaming Mancini exhorts corporate technologists to move beyond a sluggish tolerance for a risk-averse status quo as he rifles through the five tenets of his manifesto: * Commit to the cloud * Mobilize everything * Make the business social * Digitize anything that moves * Prepare for extreme information management (“IM”) In every instance there's a market research survey to suggest that the direction of the market is heading for the sky as quickly as IT homebodies are heading for the exits

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