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Mobile fingerprinting and what it could mean for content

With the recent release of the iPhone 5s and its introduction of Touch ID , the first truly mobile fingerprinting integration on a smartphone, a lot is being said around the web about its security but also its potential for existing applications. Fingerprint scanning is nothing new, and has...

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Automatic login for Windows users on a multi provider Claims site

If you have the option to login with multiple providers you are presented with a login page that lets you choose which option you want. The default file for this is in the hive under TEMPLATE/IDENTITYMODEL/LOGIN and is named default.aspx. If you want to automatically log on with Windows...

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Ready For Prime Time

I love it when somebody does something that inspires a blog entry. Trying to write two SharePoint blogs each week, and keeping them useful, can be challenging, so it’s nice when someone helps. What’s helping me today is the fact that this Community has moved on up to the AIIM site....

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The Adjacent Possibilities of SharePoint 2010

In a recent issue of Wired Magazine Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson ruminate on Where Ideas Come From with a knowing glance towards the arc of innovation -- especially factors pushing on the cultural shifts needed to catch up to ideas ahead of their time -- trajectories triggering the...

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