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How to Create a File Plan in SharePoint 2013

Do you need to manage records in SharePoint? Join Jesse Wilkins in an AIIM 2014 pre-conference session on March 31 and learn how to manage records, ensure compliance, and prepare for civil litigation requests. Here's a brief preview of what you'll learn. Jesse Wilkins, CIP, CRM,...

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How I Am Applying CIP Studying To Records Management

The intimidating thing about studying for the CIP is the new knowledge I am acquiring and hoping that even though I don't have those skills I'll still be able to apply them to the exam. That also excites me because I see how in future career opportunities I can apply that new knowledge...

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The secret word this week is: Email

Once again this week we are hearing about email as a source of reference in a hearing and the problematic issue for organizations. I am of course referring to the current inquest into Goldman Sachs and the references made to internal emails between Goldman Sachs employees about how bad the...

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File Plans Simplified

A file plan or classification scheme is a basic building block for successful ERM. The file plan is a category hierarchy, usually presented conceptually as nested folders. Place a record in the folder hierarchy – by way of workflow, metadata, auto classification or manual drag and drop ...

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The paradox of the fileplan

I remember a workshop I ran for a client, five years ago. We had brought together a group of colleagues from across their organization. My client was looking to develop and implement a corporate fileplan to organize their records. I had been a records manager for a decade, but I was new to...

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