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The Email Pyramid

One of the key issues in Records Management is how to manage email. Email is the dominant content type requested by FOIA and eDiscovery because it often contains the “smoking gun,” and because people tend to be unguarded in their actions while using this medium for communication....

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Are Certifications Important When Selecting a Records Management System?

As regulatory and compliance mandates raise pressures on organizations across all industries, the need to control diverse forms of content has increased exponentially. Too much information, held beyond legal retention requirements, can cause problems in the guise of an e-discovery request. Too...

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E-Calendar Records

As amazing as technology systems are in their ability to enhance creating, sharing, and processing information more efficiently and effectively, it still amazes me how many ways we discover that the complete paper-less office is still just fantasy. In recently reviewing many major ECM/ERM...

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Redaction = ROI for Document Imaging Systems

In talking with a potential client last week, the client was interested in how ROI can be achieved and what other benefits can be realized through a document imaging system implementation. I used the example below of a typical paper-based information request (FOIA for government folks). AS...

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Enable FOIA requests and government transparency through citizen self service

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests help to keep our government transparent. Well, they’re the best tool we have at least. We found some compelling issues on this topic down in Raleigh, NC’s News & Observer , in an article about a state law that would limit the...

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SEC Makes the Rules; Doesn't Follow Them

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a major role in the regulation of America’s financial system – a business based on content. It’s no surprise that the SEC has been instrumental in some of the regulations that affect the content and records management industry...

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