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Social Influence Does Not Equal SME Knowledge

In March 2013, I made a claim on my blog that Klout is the most interesting company on the planet . Now, just to clarify, I don't literally believe Klout is the most interesting company on the planet, but utilized a bit of sensationalism to draw attention to what is, I believe, an...

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Listening to My Own Advice

A group of industry mentors is going to meet with the senior MIS class at a Central CT State University tonight to kick off a course that includes their final project. The course is set up with groups of students organized into consulting companies that spend a semester responding to an RFP....

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Get me to the swim meet on time

I was in Toronto this week and, other than the unseasonably warm weather I enjoyed, also had a great conversation with a client that crystalized some things for me about how Enterprise 2.0 methods can transform information sharing. He works for one of the Big 5 Canadian banks in retail...

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Selecting the Right SharePoint Consulting Firm: Comparing Apples to Apples, or Apples to Oranges

Background on One of Many Similar Situations I Have Come Across in the Past 24 Months As a disclaimer to this article, I do own a SharePoint consulting firm, EPC, and am writing this based on my opinion and those of CIOs and IT Directors that I have interacted with over the past...

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The Migration Email No One Will Get

Is 2011 just another synonym for moving in your shop to SharePoint 2010? Have you been in stealth mode all along? Or have you put yourself on the line? That's right. Announced the move with a drumbeat of confidence. Fingers firmly crossed. Well, if you're still in pre-announce mode...

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