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Why I Am Excited To Take The CIP Exam

I am somewhat of a journeyman career-wise. In undergraduate I pursued a useless English degree and realized that all I could do with that degree was stand on the side of the road with a sign that says, "Will quote Shakespeare for food." To make myself more marketable I knew I...

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What I learned by preparing for the CIP exam

As the first major test I’ve taken since college, the CIP was a big deal. 100 multiple choice questions, an official test center, and a congratulatory phone call from my Mom when I passed. (HOORAY!) The intended audience as far as I can tell is people like you (yes you) reading this that...

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CIP Exam Lessons Learned

CIP Exam Lessons Learned Some lucky attendees at the AIIM 2012 conference paid in advance for discounted vouchers to cover the registration fee for taking the Certified Information Professional exam. This is a multiple-choice 100 question exam that tests your knowldege in each of six...

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