What I learned by preparing for the CIP exam

By Daniel O'Leary posted 05-06-2012 01:07


As the first major test I’ve taken since college, the CIP was a big deal. 100 multiple choice questions, an official test center, and a congratulatory phone call from my Mom when I passed. (HOORAY!) The intended audience as far as I can tell is people like you (yes you) reading this that already know a thing or twenty about content management, and want to share your expertise with the world. With that in mind, here are a few tips for those of you on the fence about taking the exam.

1. Steve Weismann is a saint. Steve hosts all of the online videos for the training, and I can only imagine how long it took him to prepare all of the information into something that is easy to digest. My guess is for every hour of content he produced; it took 10 to research and assemble.

2. Study, no really do it. Use the pre-test to pick areas where you need to focus on. For me it surprisingly was collaboration and records management, so this is where I spent the most time. You should also shore up your strongest areas to tip the odds in your favor.

3. Compare scores. Don’t be ashamed to compare scores with friends and other community members. There is nothing wrong with winning!

4. Share your success. Be proud! This is a serious test, and a serious certification and you should sing your own praises from the top of the mountain. You have my permission to ask for a raise at work, for a special meal from your significant other, or a super hi 5 from me.

5. Oh the new things you will learn. I was blown away by how many new things I learned while preparing for the exam, and I’m already putting some of those ideas into use. For me, learning about business uses of instant messaging was totally fascinating, and made me rethink how globally dispersed teams can communicate asynchronously.

So AIM community, have you registered yet? What was your score? Any other awesome tips to share?

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07-05-2012 09:59

Thanks for the kind words! Creating the videos was a lot of work, but it was fun in an odd way as I, too, learned much along the way. Thanks for noticing, and congrats on passing!

07-03-2012 11:29

Welcome to the club :-)