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Accelerated Adoption of ECM Across an Organization – Why is this Important, and How do I do it?

This strategy addresses rapid adoption of a basic feature set across the enterprise...Therefore, with this low risk, high reward approach, enterprise adoption can become a reality, and the benefits can be articulated with a huge, easily documented ROI

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Enterprise 2.0 success – it is all about process integration!

Reality : In every organization the adoption and broad use of social tools is almost always tied to closed groups, but we know those are problematic as information is shared but it can be nearly impossible to access and use. Right up there is the nearly global understanding that services that are openly shared to all in the organization by default (or only option) have very low adoption. There is no better way to hinder adoption than to opt for all interactions to be openly shared

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ECM is Dead

The speaker in this case didn’t specifically use the ‘A’ word, but I think he was pointing out that the unsolved puzzle is adoption

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SharePoint and Paper Belong Together

A few examples have been documented in this post about the Ideal Capture Strategy for SharePoint and in this post where I discuss that SharePoint Adoption is not an Oxymoron

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Road to ECM Hell is paved with good intentions: Introduction (Part 1)

Reading around the information on the AIIM website, there are some very scary statistics around ECM projects. The one that stands out, is that over 50% of ECM projects are not successful. What a statistic! And a real shame on those providing software or services in the ECM sector. The Road...

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Internal SharePoint Marketing -- Tipping the Balance towards Power Users

There’s also a duality between the power user’s role as SharePoint consumer and producer – someone on the hook for scaling the productivity gains of a wider adoption...O’Connor likes to use a retail metaphor to describe enterprise adoption

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Enterprise Content Management at a Crossroads - The Case for Microsoft SharePoint (Part 2 of 2)

SharePoint is the silver bullet of user adoption . User adoption is a challenge that has dogged the ECM industry from the very beginning. Many organizations feel the only thing preventing ECM from becoming truly successful is a poor user interface that limited user uptake (for an excellent summary of this question, read the wisdom shared by experienced ECM practitioner Mike Alsup , who reminds us that user adoption is about far more than a slick user interface), it seems that everyone wants to believe that SharePoint 2010 is the answer to all of their prayers

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