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Why best-practices are the best practice

But it often turns out badly because mistakes can be made, and opportunities can be missed, that could have been readily avoided if only industry best practices would have been followed. My clients and my students well know that I am a big fan of leveraging knowledge gained at somebody else's expense, which really is what best practices are. Why invent the wheel if someone has already figured out that a round shape is best for locomotion?

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The need for SharePoint best practices

I would also like to inform you that AIIM has just introduced a SharePoint training program covering best practices for sharing and managing information on the SharePoint platform

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A Lost Practice: Stamping

I was reminiscing the other day with a friend about how when we began our careers in a time that only mainframe computers with dumb terminals existed – I know I am dating myself again – there was a practice in place to mark copies or duplicates when they were made

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Why SharePoint Is Falling In Love With AIIM

The community around SharePoint has had to deal with new topics as SharePoint has been scaling Enterprise-wide with Records Management and Content Management, namely, what are the best practices for handling ECRM in general and with SharePoint in particular? All of those information workers that are now a part of the SharePoint community have always had a consistent source, the source of ECM best practices since 1943: AIIM . The Association of Image and Information Management is the unbiased source of best practices around ECM since its' founding as the National Microfilm Association (yes, Microfilm)

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The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good - Getting on the Right Side of the 80/20 Rule

I was in Edmonton, Alberta last week presenting at the first AIIM Western Canada chapter session to be held there. It was a big success and I want to thank Damian Hollow, Steve Widen and the entire AIIM Western Canada board for their efforts in organizing this fantastic event. For those of you...

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