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Remote or Distributed Scanning - Are they Different?

The concept of remote scanning is not new...The new model of remote scanning is what I call distributed scanning...People are already scanning to the cloud...Are Remote and Distributed scanning different?

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6 Document Prep Tips to Streamline Scanning and Document Capture

To put it simply, document preparation is looking over your documents and getting them ready to scan...The device should be able to scan both your largest and smallest sizes of paper without changing the scanning parameters

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Scanner rage!

Worst case you scan poor quality images, and destroy your original document, in the best case you spot the issue but waste time with a re-scan...The first and most obvious cause of scanning irritation / double feeds is staples

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The Twelve Days of Capture

On the third day of capture, my solution gave to me... 3 million paper documents (to be scanned) 2 high volume production scanners And a capture solution that saved a million dollars annually

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