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Nightmare in the Digital Archives - Digital Preservation Standards

It presents a set of theoretical models that represent many aspects of digital preservation from representation of information through metadata to functions and processes that are needed in digital preservation

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Conceptual Storage (and other ERM pitfalls) Is Just As Big A Problem As Physical Storage

Records born digital are on magnetic tape which are starting to decay the moment the tape is created and need constant preservation and care to ensure long term access

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Digital Signatures: We’re Open, They’re Closed

Digital Signatures: We’re Open, They’re Closed In a prior column , I referred to “Open standard digital signature technology.” Let’s unpack that expression and explore what it really means. We’ll start with “standard.” The best...

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The Latest - Good - News About Digital Signatures

The following is a guest blog post by John Marchioni, General Manager & VP of Business Development, ARX and co-speaker at two upcoming AIIM Webinars. 7 Steps to Business Process Management on November 7; 2 EST John will co-speak with MWD Advisors' principal analyst...

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