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Records Management Post-DoD 5015: 9 Looming Shifts

A little over a year ago, I posted an article on the AIIM Community explaining why I no longer supported the DoD 5015.2 Electronic Records Management Standard . The article generated a great deal commentary and follow-on posts by other records management professionals. Since that original post...

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Why I do this: Part 1

Ever wonder how or why you wind up doing what you do? Sometimes people set out on their career journey with a very specific destination in mind and carefully plan the development of that career along with very specific goals. That is not what happened for me. I fell into the Enterprise...

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How do you compete with free? The challenge SharePoint poses to ECM vendors

Microsoft's move into the enterprise content management space, and in particular their decision to include free SharePoint client licences with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, poses a huge threat to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system vendors. The ECM vendors have responded by...

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I Support DOD 5015.2; and Encourage ALL Federal Agencies to Adopt It

Here's the longer version of my title: Why I Not Only Support the DoD 5015.02-STD Standard, I Encourage all Federal Agencies to Adopt it. A Counterpoint to Don Lueder’s Post. [Editor's Note:: Read Don Lueders' original post: On Why I No Longer Support the DoD 5015.2...

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