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Some notes on upgrading 2007 Content Databases

In both cases, you are upgrading an individual content database. NOTE: If you try to restore the content database (normally you do this on a backup of the content database) twice to the same farm it will fail because SharePoint doesn’t allow two site collections with the same GUID

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Structured vs Unstructured Records– Really?

However, in almost every case, the term structured data can be simply replaced by the term “database data” as this describes the format and presentation requirements of this information

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SharePoint Upgrades -- Blueprints Anybody?

There's even some hard, tangible directionals on configuring servers (64 bit or bust), application upgrade paths (nothing less than SQL 2008 please) and compliance with upgrade requirements (gotta run those pre-upgrade checks to ensnare those database orphans)!

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Consolidate, Federate, or Leave It Alone: What to Do about All of Those Disparate Repositories

Leave the content in its current systems, but aggregate meta data: Also referred to as “federated” content management, this approach provides a virtual “view” of content via a single “parent” database, with pointers to the native resources spread across the enterprise in “child” repositories. This approach presents many appealing benefits – e.g. no need to move content – but accessing the applications will still require re-writing to query the new “parent” database

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Universal Document Capture

On the other side, ECM solutions and repositories have become as pervasive as databases, and we are experiencing, like in the late 80s for the database market, a healthy consolidation of ECM repositories, thanks in part to the emergence of standards

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Big Data - 10 Tips to get started

Big data is much more about the breadth of the analysis and the insights that can be achieved than it is about the size of the data and the underlying database technology. -- Here are a couple other resources that might be of interest to you

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