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Capture begins with process

Capture begins with process As a...prelude to an upcoming series of blog posts I...I wanted to preface these posts and...start if I want to build an effective...capture being such an obvious way to decrease

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Capture Enables Faster Business Processes

need to process multiple pages and the need...their business processes to expedite these...processes, to do more with less resources, to

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Demystifying Forms Processing and Data Capture

Forms Processing is a benefit by improving efficiency studies available online to support...cost of a Forms Processing solution can...longer does it have to take years to realize

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Even the Capture Process Needs Consistency

entire process from end to end. This is also...practices and processes is consistency. Capture...scanning, this is a multi-step process as shown...the ECM class. The process involves

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MFPs and Process Automation…the Perfect Marriage

comes to mind when you think about business...process automation (BPA)? I’ll bet that...processes are document driven and are initiated...Historically, people have used fax as a way to

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The sad state of modern word processors

processor to write a letter will not want a lot...processor could even try to be smart about it...Anyone working with medium to long...: the currently available word processors

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