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Paywalls: earn your customers' trust, don't force it !

These days, paywalls are appearing here and there, and are the latest experiment in ways to build revenue streams for content providers such as newspapers and magazines. The offerings may vary, often providing a limited amount of free views per month and then asking you to subscribe to get...

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Thoughts on Automation of your Social Experience

"A positive customer experience can create a brand advocate who shares the experience with their network of family and friends. And it’s not just the network effect; studies show that customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20 to 40 percent more money with those...

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AIIM 2012 Preapproved for CIP and CRM Credits

I am pleased to announce that the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) has pre-approved the AIIM 2012 Conference for CRM maintenance credits. The conference itself has been approved for 13.0 credits , while the three preconference sessions on Sharepoint, ECM, and Social Media...

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Do you have a cloud project that is "shovel ready"?

Money spent on so called “shovel ready” projects implies that workers and projects are ready to go. In that spirit, it seems like most organizations have at least a few projects that are ready for the cloud. Here is a small selection of the some of best use cases that I’ve seen...

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The OCR Reality Behind SharePoint, SalesForce and More

Being able to easily search, access, store and share information is a vital part of any office workflow. As an organization grows, so does their content. This ultimately results in documents being scattered across departments or business units, in servers or in files. Complicating this further...

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CRM maintenance credits for AIIM Social Business Virtual Event

I am pleased to announce that the Institute for Certified Records Managers (ICRM) has pre-approved the AIIM Social Business Virtual Event for 6.0 CRM maintenance program credits. The preapproval code is listed in the CRM Maintenance section of the ICRM's website ( ...

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Microsoft and Skype --- This could be a good thing

I wrote the post below on May 10, 2011. Since then there have been several articles chiming in on the pros and cons of the pending Microsoft acquisition of Skype. The more I think about it the more I am convinced that Microosft has a significant opportunity to do something great. I'm...

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E2.0 + CRM = SCRM

Right now I’m in the middle of a series that’ll take a hard-nosed, realistic look at how Enterprise 2.0 will impact organizations , not from the ivory tower perspective of a fresh start, whole cloth implementation, but from an attach-the-wheels-while-you’re-landing viewpoint...

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A short history of personal computing

A short history of personal computing. [A note: Before I get a lot of email, personal pronouns in this presentation vary by paragraph. I know it. It's on purpose.] Once upon a time there was a worker in an organization. The worker longed to contribute what...

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