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Make Content Consumption Social To Deliver More Organizational Value

Making the discovery of relevant content easier and more efficient is one of the potential business benefits of Enterprise 2.0 systems. It's good for the company if employees can more quickly find and consume the content they need. And social computing technologies present us with the...

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Whose Design is it?

Last week on a different blog, I talked about how we are using SharePoint to manage the voting for a Holiday Door Decorating contest in our office. Marc D. Anderson commented that: “This is one of those fun little applications that I could get totally lost in. It would be an awesome...

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Rightshifting SharePoint with 21apps Org Shift Model (Part 1)

facilitate the definition of value, outcomes and...elicits the business needs and value, linked...organisational vision and value. Working in

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Now a few words about Microform Scanning

there may be business value in the...microforms may have business value , the next...may provide little business value. But, if...mention business value? Remember, the

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If all you have is a Social Hammer

could not see the value of all that. So I...Value Proposition I’d like to...relationship building. What is the value of that...value created by these capabilities. It...#idea #ideation #value #business

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The SharePoint Community and Open Innovation

too manic to deliver lots of value and my...does. For a community that value exchange...enough focus on bringing value to...delivering value to individuals) and start...delivering significantly more value for the

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The Social Organization: Part II

become a social organization across our value...these value chains, a social organization...through our matrixed value chains. We share...-communities throughout the value chain. These

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What Are the Keys to Getting Your Project Off the Ground and Making It Successful?

well with each other, does management value...risk b. All other value driven...communication to values and mission 5.) Create a...must learn to reframe the value proposition

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