Rightshifting SharePoint with 21apps Org Shift Model (Part 1)

By Ant Clay posted 03-02-2011 08:21


This post is just a taster for an initial series of blog posts going into some depth around the 21apps Organisational Shift model for changing the way people work and delivering organisational outcomes with the SharePoint platform.

One concept you will hear us talk about a great deal is Rightshifting. So what’s all this Rightshifting actually about?

Noun: the process of moving toward the more effective end of the 0-5 point Rightshifting Scale of Effectiveness. That is, the activity of improving one’s capability to achieve one’s chosen strategic goals and to deliver the outcome(s) desired by one’s customers by delivering exactly what is wanted, in the correct quantity, at the right place, when it is needed, for an acceptable price#

Last year I coined the phase ‘The Celery Effect‘ when I talked to the communbity and our customers about the problems many technology projects encounter, where the cost of delivering the project is far higher than the benefit the organisation get from it.

Rightshifting is about improving an organisations capability to avoid ‘The Celery Effect’ by being focused on strategic goals and outcomes, delivering just enough technology and solutions at the right time and in the right place and for the right cost.

Ask any project stakeholder at the beginning of a project if they want to achieve their objectives and you’ll be hard pressed to find any that don’t.  However traditional ( here I’m referring to the Analytical approach ) methods rarely achieve these.  The challenge is always based on mindset and changing a mindset is not a simple activity.

What is the antidote?

At 21apps, we believe that you need to provide people with an approach, a way of getting started. People and Organisations don’t just start Rightshifting they need some encouragement, they need to be shown examples and sometimes they need a little faith.

‘The same is true for many seemingly counter intuitive processes, we need a little faith to try things that are at odds with our programmed analytical mindset’

The 21apps Organisational Shift Model is an approach that we have developed, based on experience and belief that there is a better way, that everyone and every company is capable of Rightshifting.



Identity – Where are you with respect to 21apps Organisational Shift Model?

Based upon the Marshall Model for Organisational Evolution (Rightshifting) we examine, assess and document your organisational maturity.

Vision – What is your organisational vision and strategy? Consolidating a shared understanding of where you are going and what you need to achieve.


Using a number of concepts and techniques including Hybrid Organisations, Vision Mapping, Cynefin, and Strategic Goal Alignment we seek to extract and articulate the organisational vision.

Outcomes – We facilitate the definition of value, outcomes and requirements you need to deliver for your organisation, business, customers, citizens or stakeholders.



The traditional practice of articulating project requirements is typically driven by functional capabilities. Our method elicits the business needs and value, linked to the organisational strategy and outcomes, through issue mapping, benefit aligned roadmaps, De Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats” and other industry proven techniques.

Solution – We help you define your organisation and solution architectures.



Combining Rightshifting and Hybrid Organisation concepts we help you identify the organisational and cultural change. Through Systems thinking and best practices, we work with business and IT stakeholders in defining the solutions needed to achieve the vision and outcomes. We underpin these with the deep technical knowledge and experience.

Delivery - Through governance and leadership we help deliver the organisational vision and value.



Working in synergy with your existing IT capability, and partners, we deliver organisational and technological leadership, troubleshooting, training and expert consultancy throughout the delivery and on-going support phases.

Realisation – Measuring the realisation of business outcomes, and looking forward through the re-iteration of the identity and vision stages.


Through long term relationships we provide leadership and develop your internal capabilities and experience to establish an organisational culture focused on strategic outcomes and continuous improvement.

What people have already said about the 21apps Org Shift Model

Unbelievably excellent documentation again from 21Apps. Very impressed! SharePoint Organisational Shift Model rocks!

@21apps are held in high regard within LeO. Integrity, Honesty and Experience are making a world of difference to our Organisation.

So, if you want to know more about the 21apps Org Shift Model, think you are experiencing ‘The Celery Effect’ or would like to know how Rightshifting can help your organisation get in touch with me at

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