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Demystifying SharePoint Business Intelligence

SharePoint is its Business Intelligence (BI...intelligence for the community as well as intelligence tool in SharePoint Server...Intelligence. In other cases, you might think

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Is it Knowledge Management or Business Intelligence?

intelligence and data. They had years of...intelligence or intellectual capital. Or maybe you...2 decades with business intelligence

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Where are Implicit Connections and Business Intelligence for Unstructured Communication?

Even with some level of unified communications, we spend a frustratingly large amount of time tracking down materials related to conversations, accounts and projects that we are working on. We may have project management tools, integrated email, calendar and voice tools, but they are primarily...

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Robots Won't Replace Us Any Time Soon

One of my favorite memes of the modern technology era are those funny texting autocorrect disasters , where people mean to say one thing, but the ever-helpful device replaces a few choice words to make the actual reply, once you've committed and hit 'Send,' something comical. It'...

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When Managing Your Content, Don't Forget the Data

Today I’m going to talk about an overlooked part of the Content Management picture, data. I know that this seems a little strange but bear with me. Let’s assume for a moment that you are in a regulated industry or that you are generally paranoid. (Most regulated industries are rife...

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Deep-Dive of Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365

-premise business intelligence environmental...intelligence infrastructure and brings the Excel...& Office 365 Business Intelligence...Intelligence (BI) deep-dive blog series in the

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