Moving Beyond Analytics: Putting Insights into Action, an AIIM 2014 Presentation

By Bryant Duhon posted 05-23-2014 08:02


Missed AIIM 2014? Or did you just miss out on a session or three you wanted to see? In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing many of the presentations with you. Actionable advice and thought leadership brought to you by some of the smartest people in the information technology industry.

Billy Cripe presented Moving Beyond Analytics: Putting Insights into Action.

The recent innovation explosion in text analytics, information management and big data have produced unparalleled information gathering and insight mining capabilities. When combined, businesses have a unique opportunity to turn these combined capabilities outward to find and deliver not just more information but actual *actionable intelligence* about competitors and markets. This session will demonstrate the power and promise of Social Competitive Intelligence that blends information management principles with deep Web analytics.

Billy Cripe, Principal BloomThinker, BloomThink, is a Social Business Expert. He has a background in R&D and analytics and focuses on the ways unstructured data is used in the enterprise. He is the founder and Principal BloomThinker of BloomThink a social media strategy agency. Billy is a published author of 2 book on collaboration and enterprise 2.0 and is widely syndicated online. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and local startups. Billy is currently interested in deriving actionable intelligence from the intersection of unstructured data, social media and inference algorithms. His presentations are widely acclaimed and he has over 94K views on

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