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Your personal cloud meets the enterprise

In organisations around the world employees are accidently merging their personal and professional cloud applications with dire results. Some of the issues include the routing of sensitive text messages to family members and the replication of confidential documents onto the servers of...

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SharePoint 2013 BYOD Best Practices

Introduction (BYOD | MDM) Remote workers and internal or onsite workers empowered with “ bring your own device ” (BYOD) policies can push the boundaries of IT and the typical IT-driven culture. A lot of IT organizations are playing catch-up around governance and their...

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Information Without Governance Is Like A Kid With Free Reign To The Cookie Jar

Everyone wants information, but no one wants records. The problem with records is that they are inactive, locked in a cabinet and no longer serve a business purpose. Information is active and can go places where records cannot go, such as the cloud and to mobile. Records are tightly managed...

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Digital Signatures at the Edge

Digital Signatures at the Edge …the “network edge,” that is. In other words, what is the best way to digitally sign documents from mobile devices, tablets, and web browsers? The original technical idea for digital signatures envisioned each signer having their own...

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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

These are facts and they are little shocking: · 45% of the content people need to do their jobs is pulled out of your systems of record and worked on independently – outside your security controls. · 37% of U.S. IT workers are using technology they...

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Why All RIM Professionals Should Obtain The CIP

I am big advocate of the Information Governance Reference Model . In the IGRM it outlines four key players and they are RIM, legal, IT and business. As I have been studying the IGRM it has recently dawned on me that a Certified Information Professional is crucial for implementation. One of...

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Infosec13 โ€“ What do you mean by Data Classification!?

It’s fair to say that within business it’s easy to assume that your customer knows everything. I think the customer may even go as far to say that they know everything too. However, one thing that was clear to me whilst at this year’s #infosec13 was a lack of understanding of...

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So Evidently this Mobility is a Thing these Days

So Evidently this Mobility is a Thing these Days I won’t belabor the obvious but just give an example. Today is Wednesday. Monday’s NYT had an piece on this issue and its security implications: Where Apps Meet Work, Secret Data Is at Risk. It quotes a 42-year-old executive...

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Managing Information: Make Your Own Luck

When it comes to effectively managing information, sitting back and hoping for it to happen, well, won’t. In this AIIM 2013 Keynote Q&A, a look at how Silicon Valley has gone to war against the enterprise, how peace could break out, and thoughts on BYOD and organizational effectiveness...

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