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Getting Paper into SharePoint: Five Key Things to Consider

Ad hoc capture into SharePoint is not enough Ad hoc capture is one approach to turning paper into digital content and delivering that information into SharePoint

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Discovering AP Workflow

Just a quick recap on the why we do it: Enforce best practices and procedures Accelerate process cycle times by automating repetitive tasks Change business rules and logic without requiring IT resources Ensure accurate data entry or document creation Manage and monitor personnel and operations performance I like to think of invoice management and workflow a bit like driving

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Capture - without a person?

The vendor attempted an integration with our enterprise ECM system with fairly poor results, so for this new phase of ERP implementation we wanted to find a new solution

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Behind every successful Process lies a prudent Capture

Over 90% of the information projects I have been fortunate to work on have seen itself attempting to replace paper with electronic content...Millions of dollars were then spent on automating this process where further documents were need to be physically signed

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