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Records Books for Records Managers: Soll’s “The Information Master: Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s Secret State Intelligence System”

At 22, I embarked on my journey to write the first of many bad but earnest pieces of nonfiction: my undergraduate thesis. It described the voyage of the first shipment of women to (what is today) Mobile, Alabama. Almost no published source material was available at the time. Looking back, I...

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A Few Minutes with an Archivist

One of the attendees at our recent AIIM New England event in CT was Jennifer Sharp. I’ve been following Jen on Twitter for quite some time, I was very happy to see her at the event, and I thought it might be nice to consider “records” management from a different perspective. ...

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From System of Engagement to System of Record: Just Add Time

Right now I'm working on a conference presentation submission with my friend Arlene . You see, she's an archivist at a state university, and I'm an information management consultant. We often share links to interesting articles, white papers, blog posts, and we have similar...

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OCR to Better Business Processes

How can OCR be used to improve business processes? Let me count the ways…actually, that count could fill volumes and is far too much for any single blog post. Let me tell you about seven ways that OCR can be used in business transaction. There are multiple functions within the...

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You Can See the Forest through the Trees

To get out of the 100+ degree temperatures in Las Vegas, last week I decided to go North to cool off. I was staying at our cabin in Heber Utah with no cell phone service, no internet and no cable TV. You know my kids were going through withdrawal. We had electricity, heat and a land line,...

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