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Technology Doesn't Guarantee Success

There’s an old saying in car racing that goes something like “you can’t win the race in the first corner, but you can lose it.” There is a similar truth when talking about software. The right software will not fix your problems, but the wrong software will surely exacerbate them. This, then, is...

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Think "initiative" not "project" for collaboration success

It's widely recognised now that successfully improving collaboration within an organisation doesn't happen by itself ; while social collaboration technologies might share some common characteristics with public social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, you simply aren't going...

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Why small businesses are investing in social collaboration

The "Enterprise Social Network". It sounds like a big company solution, doesn't it? A way to connect your many thousands of employees spread across the globe, a way to highlight duplication of effort, and enable more streamlined communications, particularly closing the gap between leaders...

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The importance of community management

A major area of debate and concern for organisations considering how to establish, grow and manage an online community is the importance of the community manager, and what exactly the role entails. As a general rule, every online community should be allocated a facilitator or community...

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More than just words: why social collaboration needs executives to lead by example

Senior executive buy-in and commitment is often cited as a vital element in the success of a social collaboration initiative, but I've found that the reasons behind this aren't always comprehensively understood, meaning that often it doesn't quite go far enough to be worthwhile. Of course,...

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Why mirroring departmental groups is not necessarily bad

When you're first implementing a social collaboration platform in your organisation - and to be clear, by this I mean a tool of any sort that has some social features, for example to create a social intranet, an online community, or an enterprise social network - one of the biggest decisions...

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Adopting ECM - A Case Study in Failure

Earlier this year I completed an assessment of Alfresco for a university client. The university licensed Alfresco several years ago and did not have much success. They hired me to find out why, and what to do about it. The options they wanted to look at were to continue on with Alfresco or...

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Let employee collaboration lead the way

I'm all for the idea that a great way to get senior-level buy-in for (and drive momentum with) a social collaboration initiative is to find a handful of really good use cases which clearly demonstrate the value of a more open, networked approach to working. However, very often I find that...

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What's in it for me? Articulating the benefits of social collaboration

When you're putting together your business case for social collaboration, your focus must categorically be on how implementing this type of technology - and the enabling the cultural change that must accompany it - will bring benefits to your particular organisation . This is your top line...