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Social (Media) Darwinism

I had a really interesting conversation with a client last week who was describing how their organization’s moving away from videoconferencing. They had been all in on the technology a few years back, but they recently decided that it had low value for most employees. When they collaborate...

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Social Media – A culture shock

Social Media the discussion about culture not use Social Media tools in their...Social Media and firmly believe in its

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8 Things About Governance and Social Media

social media. Jeff Lewis is a Certified...indoctrination into the world of social media via...interesting thing about social media; its survival

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Social Media Record Management – The Next Challenge

Social Media has emerged as one of the...penetration of the internet, social media is...and engagements. Social Media platforms...and engage with over social media

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Records management’s role in Social Media Governance

social media. First, the records media-generated content. This media governance, it is critical that

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"We don't do social media here." Really?

last week about social media and governance...thousands of popular social media sites and...largest social media site, if the concern is

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