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Strategic IT Project Planning: An Impressive Example

With these goals in mind, Burgess and his team created an abbreviated stage-gate governance model overseen by a strategic project oversight team (SPOT) that meets weekly to review all project requests that will require at least 10 hours of work from the IT department

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Stop Talking About SharePoint Governance

This toolkit is a bundled package of resources , not just a pdf overview, that walks you, step by step, through the creation of your plan and it is built upon the highly respected AIIM Comprehensive SharePoint Governance Model (used by so many major organizations) and until now, was only available through our SharePoint for ECM training

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SharePoint Governance – buzz buzz buzz what to make of it

Each of these four components has requirements from the organization that influence the overall governance model . One key thing that all the authors establishes is that no two organizations governance models are the same. All the experts agree that the people involved in the governance model, that form a governance committee , should include not only representatives of the IT department but also representatives of the organization

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Exploiting SharePoint 2013 for improved “Findability” of People and Content; an AIIM14 Presentation

Oil & Gas, Pharma, Auto, Aero, High Tech) and has deep experience with designing and implementing governance models, delivering portal solutions, and leading large transformational projects across multi-national, multi-cultural teams and stakeholders

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Resources for "Information Governance: Planning for the Next 3 Years"

E-Discovery Roles and Responsibilities in a Successful Litigation Readiness Program Records Management Roles and Responsibilities in a Successful RM Program The ECM Governance Model Information Organization You Gotta Know the Territory: How to Segment your ESI A Manageable Taxonomy of Taxonomy Management Tools Program Framework, Roadmap, and Recommendations Process Design and Implementation E-D Process Flow Diagrams for your Current and Target Future State 3 Best Practices for Developing Records Management Policies and Procedures The Difference between Records Management Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines The Processes for Managing your RM Rules Here’s the First Draft of your Social Media Policy Architecture and Technology How Different is Legal Document Management?

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 3 of 3

” Information Governance Turning full circle, I now perform a mash-up of “Governance” and “Information” and measure “Information Governance” against the HWL Governance model. 1

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SharePoint Governance as a Hammer

In my experience, one mistake is forcing a heavy governance model onto SharePoint as a quick-fix, especially if its outside of the way you already do business

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SharePoint sprawl, but with good intentions

Even if you understand these fundamentals, most SharePoint deployments move forward without a solid governance model in place to guide you on your way

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