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Document Capture Coast to Coast

I was driving the long haul home down the 101 freeway in the San Francisco Bay Area last week and couldn’t help but notice how many big rigs there were on the highway that evening. It got me to thinking, how do all the transportation companies with fleets of trucks across the country...

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Image enhancement techniques in document capture

Resources Kofax Glossary VRS Image processing in action – an interactive demo Oracle Document Capture Overview Kodak perfect page scanning ( demo ) PDF - Kodak perfect page scanning matrix #imageprocessing #ScanningandCapture #thresholding #deskew #despeckle #VRS #noise #Capture

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Document Capture from the user’s perspective

My point is Document Capture vendors, both hardware and software, as well as even system integrators, should carefully consider how the user themselves interact with scanning applications and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems

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Document Capture is the Onramp to Analytics

In today’s big data economy, it is widely held that companies that invest in and leverage information outperform those that don’t. Those that have adopted a data-driven culture are seeking better ways to access and capture key information to help continually improve their analytic...

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Document Capture: Moving from Back to Front

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Document Capture?...If these are the sort of things that come to mind, your stereotype or perspective of document capture is similar to the majority of the people out there

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