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Document Processing Opportunities that can Improve Customer Experience

When opening a customer account, an organization has a very valuable first-impression opportunity to make with its customers. It needs to convey speed and competency. Little interaction points can go a long way. One small way to do this is to utilize document processing software to its highest...

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Better Customer Experience Starts with Scrapping the Paper

Digital marketers and customer experience advocates may, on occasion, forget the basics. The Web Engagement / Customer Engagement / Customer Experience advocates championing WEM, CEM or CXM as the next buzzword may be at risk of entering an echo chamber

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5 Reasons to Do Social Media Inside the Enterprise

Employee Experience Becomes Customer Experience -- You can't discount the importance to employee experience of giving employees the tools they want and need to get their work done

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How eSignatures Can Speed the Sales Cycle

Enhanced Customer Experience, Happy Sales Staff For sales staff, the best reason for eSignatures may be the speed with which an order can be cashed in for commission. The customer experience is enhanced as well by the convenience of these digital signatures

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Improving Document Processes and User Experience with Linearized PDFs

The benefits of serving PDF documents in a fast and reliable manner can not only drive user acceptance and improve customer experience, but also drive down costs in several document-centric processes

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Paper or digital? A [rhetorical] question for the new age

According to last year’s AIIM publication (and countless other research papers on the topic) the benefits are staggering: 30% to 50% process improvement/productivity gains 3 to 10 times improvement in turnaround times Virtual elimination of “lost” documents (today that figure is north of 10%) Vastly improved customer experience Yet despite all the benefits, most organizations – and especially financial services – are finding it difficult to implement successful paperless transformations

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