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Better Customer Experience Starts with Scrapping the Paper

The Web Engagement / Customer Engagement / Customer Experience advocates championing WEM, CEM or CXM as the next buzzword may be at risk of entering an echo chamber...Digital marketers and customer engagement gurus - don't neglect the basics

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Deep flows the River between Social and Business…

” However, the future will not be just about Enterprise 2.0 platforms; this will also be a journey of how the corporate world adopts its Customer Engagement Strategies . Customer Engagement sees itself metamorphose itself over 4 key stages, namely, Initiation, Integration, Intelligence and Value Creation

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Improving Engagement Through Mobility

In a November 2013 article by Dennis Shaio in Website Magazine entitled "Strategic Integration: Customer Engagement Meets Content," the author outlined a simple 5-point model for extending your website into a community hub

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Why Enterprise Information Management is a Smart Business Decision?

With technology increasingly geared toward customer engagement, businesses must transform how information is viewed across the organization

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Wheat 2.0 versus Chaff 2.0

Once the tech bubble burst, the wheat was separated from the chaff pretty quickly, and the determining factors for success were no different than they had always been: a solid business plan, the ability to monetize services and products, superior customer engagement, and so on

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AIIM/Info360 Lint in the Cranial Vent

Emerging stratification in the world of mobility All the talk of customer engagement intersected with the drive to enhance the mobile experience to surface an important distinction between enabling browser-based smartphone or tablet access to content and process activities on the one hand, and fielding true mobile apps for the purpose on the other

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Document Capture is the Onramp to Analytics

Companies may already have access to some of this information, but having a faster and more efficient system can help them turn that information into meaningful and useful data that not only drives customer engagement but also the bottom line

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The Social Business World

The AIIM Social Business taskforce has defined social business as the use of social technologies to improve internal collaboration and external customer engagement

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