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Reviewing Metadata “Content Types” in SharePoint Server 2013 & Office 365

Reviewing Metadata “Content Types” in SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 365 | SharePoint Online A content type is a reusable collection of settings and rules applied to a certain category of content in SharePoint and/or Office 365 . Content types define more granular attributes for documents, content, and library or list items

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SharePoint - Documents and Records Management, Really?

Content Types We could write many blog posts about this, but this is really the key...A great feature in SharePoint 2010 is the Content Type Syndication ability

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DoD 5015.2 Certification and SharePoint 2010

Content Types are the SharePoint component that enables documents to be mapped to nodes in the Records Center. SharePoint 2010 enables the definition of the metadata that is required for records management and is contained in every content type

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We're Still Failing At Implementing SharePoint

Standard ECM Information Architecture SharePoint Information Architecture Folder Based Structure Site / Library Based Structure Information Management Policies Implemented on Folder Levels Information Management Policies Applied On Hierarchical Structures Called Content Types Metadata Standardized on Folder or Category Metadata Standardized on Content Types Records Declaration As Manual Process Records Declaration As Manual or Automated Process The structure of information is fundamentally different: ECM System > Nested Folders > Content SharePoint > Site Collection > Site > Library > Content Types / Folders / Content The application of policies is fundamentally different and how we perform the operations of a content or records management system are completely different

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Learning the Art of SharePoint Information Architecture

When: December 8-9, 2011 Where: Boston, MA (MetroWest) Cost: $1,495 (register by November 15th and get a $400 discount using coupon code: SPIA DISC) AND all Boston attendees get a free copy of MetaVis Architect - a graphical design tool for the creation and deployment of your SharePoint taxonomy, content types and structure

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Be afraid, be very afraid

The perfect storm There are three factors in play for organizations that, taken together, make the decision to embrace E2.0 difficult and something to be carefully considered: The increasing scope of discoverable content types The increasing complexity of the social media and collaboration technology landscape The lack of regulatory guidance on social media and collaboration The expansion of discoverable content types has been on the radar screen at organizations since the mid-90s and has certainly caused its fair share of corporate anxiety all by itself

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