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Adopting ECM - A Case Study in Failure

Earlier this year I completed an assessment of Alfresco for a university client. The university licensed Alfresco several years ago and did not have much success. They hired me to find out why, and what to do about it. The options they wanted to look at were to continue on with Alfresco or...

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The CIP Applied: An AIIM Case Study

Here at AIIM we're making some technology changes that will improve many of the things we do and will allow us to do some new and very interesting things for our global community of information professionals. But as part of that process we ended up in a discussion I thought provided...

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Moffitt Cancer Center Case Study – Helping Those Help Themselves

Moffitt Cancer Center Case Study – Helping Those Help Themselves By on March 11, 2013 in Blog , Enterprise 2.0/Web 2.0 , Enterprise Metadata Management , Search We all see case studies all the time

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A SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence (BI) Deep-dive - Case Study Review from EPC Group

The Business Intelligence Capabilities of SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in SharePoint 2013 are vast and in many cases are achieved with a combination of SharePoint and Microsoft Office or SharePoint and SQL Server’s capabilities . Note: ...

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Understanding Operating in the Hybrid Cloud - Office 365 & SharePoint 2013 - An EPC Group Case Study

Understanding Operating in the Hybrid Cloud - EPC Group Case Study This blog post will provide "from the consulting trenches" ( Hybrid Cloud ) strategies and granular details of EPC Group’s approach to the new Hybrid Office 365 and/or SharePoint 2013 architecture's growing proliferation and how it may affect your organization

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ROI for E2.0 – Money Talks

Many of these case studies are focusing on areas that include: Fostering Innovation – driving new ideas in areas such as products, processes, techniques, workflows, etc

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CIP Nouveau

The current multiple choice / fill in the blank stuff is okay, but I would really like to see it supplemented with at least one case study type question. A properly crafted case study is a better test of being able to pull the knowledge elements together in a meaningful way

Webinar AIIM True North Mar 25 - We're under attack! Is our data safe?

The presentation will be a case study of data breach and will explore the prospects and options of approaching a "breach-proof" state.

 03-25-2021 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET