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Business Process Improvement: 5 Ways to Leverage Collaboration

Here are examples of ways to capitalize on collaboration for business process improvement: #1...Successful collaboration across global silos applies to business process improvement as well

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Your Most Familiar Processes - Rethink before using E2.0

There are a mountain of applications that can automate, store and catalog almost anything that are available over the web with a simple signup. As technologists we are hard pressed not to use them, as they provide immediate value and give us the ability to quickly work with our information from...

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Using Mobile to Incrementally Innovate

At the AIIM Executive Leadership Council (ELC) meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week, event facilitator and technology futurist Thornton May framed the discussion on securely mobilizing the enterprise by asking a broader question: "How do we create value with information?" ...

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Why implement a BPM Strategy in your business?

The understanding of BPM and process management has not stood still over the last five years. The current business environment is categorized by fundamental shifts in business models, increased internalization, increased market transparency, a need to support mobile, social and cloud...

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Take Two Updates and Call Me in the Morning; an AIIM 2014 Presentation

HCSC Line of Business and Technical leadership will detail business and technical milestones, focus on content migration, repository consolidation, business process improvement, cost savings, end user impact and overall project success criteria

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Capture: The benefit is there, have you realized it?

These are consistent across many types of content and process, with invoices, contracts and application forms being the most popular. 48% of respondents have a centralized, in-house scanning service, citing better indexing and closer integration with the process as the main benefits Knowledge management in the form of improved searchability of business documents is the highest driver for scanning, closely followed by compliance and business process improvement

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Records Managers: Break Down the Barriers

He has a business process improvement mindset and he’s one of the most successful Records Directors I’ve seen in action

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Apply Enterprise 2.0 to Business Processes to Reveal Its Value

Business process improvement: that is the promise of SharePoint specifically, but it is the promise of Enterprise 2.0 in general

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