Essential SharePoint 2010: Overview, Governance & Planning by Jamison, Hanley & Cardarelli

By Mimi Dionne posted 10-13-2010 01:09



Jamison, Hanley, and Cardarelli.  (2010).  Essential SharePoint 2010: Overview, Governance & Planning.  Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

I’m in love with a new SharePoint governance book. If you are implementing MOSS 2007 or SharePoint 2010, treat yourself. Buy Jamison, Hanley, and Cardarelli’s Essential SharePoint 2010: Overview, Governance & Planning

The book is divided into the following parts.

Part I: Planning. Chapter One opens the book with commentary on key stakeholders and measuring success. It continues with an overview of the SharePoint 2010 platform and architecture fundamentals.  Chapter Four is entirely devoted to governance. Chapter Five continues that line of thought with key points of information architecture and change management success.  The next chapter is entirely devoted to the relationship between enterprise content management and records.  Chapter Seven covers social media management. Chapter Eight: security. Chapter 9 concludes the planning phase with training and communications.

Part II: Optimizing.  Chapter Ten highlights SharePoint 2010’s built-in search capabilities.  Chapter Eleven discusses business process improvements.  Chapter Twelve addresses posting your site to the web.  Chapter Thirteen captures business intelligence.  Chapter Fourteen explains business connectivity services. Chapter Fifteen, “Client Applications”, considers the ramifications of data caching and performance. Chapter Sixteen closes Part Two with disaster planning and recovery.

Part III: Migrating, or how to prepare your MOSS 2007 environment for a SharePoint 2010 migration, concludes the book with strong commentary on lessons learned. Appendix A is particularly nifty: a step by step of minimum tasks each organization must accomplish for a holistic implementation.

Now, a word on content.

A quick read (you can finish it in one sitting or two cups of your favorite caffeine, use your own measurement of choice), this book is particularly helpful for non-IT folk. Sure, you can pick up WROX’s SharePoint 2010 Development or SAM’S SharePoint 2010 Development Unleashed. They’re both detailed and thorough.  But they don’t cover the technical for the uninitiated from the 50K-foot level as well as this one does. The governance components are particularly fine.  As we all know in project management, planning is everything and the authors spend a great deal of time and care ensuring their readers know how to mitigate risk in their own environments.  When you address potential customers, for some magical reason the content stays with you as you present choices to them or answer their questions…this is the best kind of book from experienced authors who share their advice freely. I wish I’d been in the working meetings.

My recommendation?

The book is published recently enough (August 2010) to be fresh still. Jamison, Hanley, and Cardarelli’s Essential SharePoint 2010: Overview, Governance & Planning is my favorite SharePoint book to date.  If your organization is implementing SharePoint 2010, buy this book immediately—buy several, one for each team member. You will not regret it. 

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