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This community is yours! Use it to increase the understanding of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Software.

Enterprise 2.0 or social software is (or should be) a key component of your business strategy from today forward

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The Adoption Peak and why it’s not a good thing

The last couple of years have been thrilling times for social software within the enterprise. Several case studies showed the positive impact social software had on businesses around the world

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What do AIIM members think about Enterprise 2.0?

Is Enterprise 2.0 or social software important to you?...It’s therefore important to understand the following: How can social software be used within an organization to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration?

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Social is a Feature of Software You Already Use In Your Enterprise

The first reaction is a feeling that social software is casual, silly, for kids, a waste of time, a loss of productivity. The second is that social computing or social software in actuality means “social media,” a loosely-defined term for generally free, unreliable, interesting, casual, silly Web 2.0 technologies that may or may not be useful in an enterprise. Social software is, in fact, all of those things

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Chicken or Egg: Content Management or Collaboration First?

In fact, collaboration (which was the 1.0 label for social software) has been part of ECM since the early 2000s when most vendors, including Documentum, IBM, OpenText, and, eventually, Microsoft introduced collaboration as an element in their respective ECM stragies. However, the fact that the social software vendors and the ECM vendors meet yet again at the Enterprise 2.0 Show makes me wonder about an interesting question: Is content management a feature of collaboration or is collaboration a feature of content management?

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What about socializing business information instead of people ?

This often sounds surprising since, in fact, the purpose of social software is to make their work easier by providing better access to the knowledge and people they need to be more efficient at solving problems

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Enterprise 2.0: Transforming your workforce into a global pool of talent

The traditional hierarchies and silos of communication in organizations worldwide are crumbling. SaaS is coming of age and, as concerns around security, control and uptime subside, the social and enterprise worlds are colliding. Organizations are now waking up to the fact that social...

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Is Social Business Ready to Grow Up?

According to Forrester, 57% of enterprises are making some investment in enterprise social in 2011. The rise of social business (within both consumer and enterprise segments) was front and center at Dreamforce 2011. At this year's conference, Salesforce CEO Mark Benihoff set the...

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