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AIIM 12 Session Preview - Using apps other than Angry Birds in the enterprise

At my session on mobile technology in the enterprise at the AIIM 2012 conference, I’ll share some of the apps that I use in my day to day life as a knowledge worker, and highlight the before and after of organizations that are embracing tools like the iPad to transform how data is captured in the field

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info360: The Signal of an Evolving Industry

During the sessions, I shared thoughts on the changing landscape of mobile technologies, integrating capture with mobile devices, and the future of mobile imaging. I also discussed how cloud integration enhances efficiency, how we can use the cloud as a tool for on-demand capture, and how cloud and mobile technologies can be used as an extension of hardware

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How to Integrate Your Systems of Engagement into Your Systems of Record

These applications for accounting, HR, and customer service are mature in ECM and are usually a good place to start before tackling LOB applications or those requiring heavier redesign and use of social and mobile technologies. Basically the idea here is to add social capabilities – particularly mobile technology – at the endpoints

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A Mobile Capture Success at TAWPI Capture 2012

My talk focused on the changing landscape of mobile technology and the many benefits that OCR technology brings to today’s mobile devices and form driven institutions, and provided use cases for how data capture technology can turn smartphones into powerful data capture and input devices

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Shacking Up - IT and RIM In Love

Back in June (2013) during the ARMA Canada Regional Conference I attended a pretty good session delivered by Emily Gusba (Information Management Lead, GCDOCS Implementation at Natural Resources Canada). Emily was accompanied by Trevor Banks and Julie Colgan (ARMA Int’l President,...

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Email Usage Drops 28% in Past 12 Months!

With mobile technologies like smart phones blurring the lines between work and home, it’s not long before our personal habits influence our work M.O

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Social Media Record Management โ€“ The Next Challenge

Aided by rapid evolutions in broadband and mobile technologies and also with the increasing penetration of the internet, social media is altering the concepts of consumer interaction and engagements

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