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How Cloud Is Shaping The Future Of Public Sector IT Security

IT security is one of the growing concerns among public sector companies...Alcachua County is not the only government organization to be deploying cloud services to enhance IT security of their institution

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Are you doing enough to stop document leaks?

The need for security by government agencies, public corporations and private business is underscored by recent document leaks and what can happen when sensitive documents are freely distributed by unauthorized parties. Unfortunate consequences occur when companies lose control over confidential...

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How IT Pros Can Help Millennials Toe the Technology Line

I have a confession to make. When I was graduating from high school back in the 90s, I was asked a bunch of questions about the future. One of them was, “Will cellular phones replace land lines?” I answered, “No, never.” Today, of course, I haven’t had a land...

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Open By Design, Closed By Exception - Best Practices in Information Security

Users want to collaborate freely and access the internal information they need while your IT security team wants to information shared only on a "need to know" basis. I side with the users on this one, but not because I think IT security types are wrong or misguided

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How can you secure a mobile, social and cloudy company??

It was challenging but interesting work, and it paid the bills at the time - but there is absolutely no way I would want to manage IT, and more specifically IT security, for anyone today

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Silver Lining Security: Keeping Your Cloud Data Safe

If an e-mail or document with confidential information has outlived its worth, delete it. #Security #data #cloud

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We Are In Lockdown

IT. Security is, and should be an aspect of information governance that every employee is trained in and held accountable to maintain

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How do YOU define Information Governance?

IG encompasses both data governance A cohesive strategy for managing all information relevant to an organization Collaboration between IT, Security, Legal RM to holistically manage information The efficient and effective management of information

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