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ECM plus Social and Mobile equals Smart Business Strategy

Glenn is the Product Marketing Manager at Hyland Software and has been in the IT industry for 12 years. Prior to his current role, Glenn personally trained hundreds of people on ECM concepts and technologies while managing the New Employee Training department over a 5-year span at Hyland Software

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Man v. cloud: 3 tips for migrating ECM to the cloud

I love Man v. Food! The concept of some poor bloke pitting himself against the biggest, tastiest, spiciest foodstuffs that the United States of America can throw at him has an unending appeal for me. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses. But he almost always get sick trying. ...

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How shopping for ECM is just like buying a suit

With some weddings looming on our family calendar, my wife took to encouraging me to buy a new suit . Now, I’m usually quite happy for my wife to buy me clothes as she has much better taste than me. However, a suit is something a bit different. It’s a more expensive purchase, I...

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ECM in 60 Seconds or Less

About two years ago, we held a contest for readers of Infonomics Weekly (our newsletter at the time) to describe ECM in 60 seconds or less. Since we just began the ECM community here; I thought I would dust these off for anyone new who hasn't seen these yet. It's 7 minutes well...

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Two Reminders That There’s More to Value Than Just Economics

This experience came just several weeks after The Hyland [Software] Blog featured the first in a series of articles about total cost of ownership

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New Research Identifies Best-in-Class Software for Scanning and Capturing Documents

Another category is Batch Imaging, which aremid-range capture solutions that scan and manage higher volumes of pages as batches of documents.Users found Kodak, Laserfiche, and Hyland Software to provide high value for money

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Gartner’s 2012 ECM Magic Quadrant: Quick Analysis

But the bigger surprise came this year when Gartner rated it below lesser-known ECM vendor Hyland Software in terms of ability to execute

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Selecting an Enterprise Archive Solution

Example Vendors DocFinity (COLD/ERM) EMC (Documentum Archive Services for Reports) FileNet (IS and P8) Hyland Software (OnBase) Open Text (Open Text Report and Output Management) Oracle (Oracle WebCenter, UCM) Typical Benefits of this Option Many organizations already have some of these solutions in use for archiving Leading vendors in this space are relatively stable Products in this space provide the best records management capabilities out-of-box (e.g. regulatory compliance, retention, disposition, hold) with most successful deployments ECM suite candidates typically provide better indexing and search than candidates in the other two categories Typical Drawbacks of this Option ECM solutions are not optimized for high-volume output ingestion, archive, and e-presentment Expect challenges with scalability for output archiving Major product risk for most in this category (archive is non-core) Some solutions require the overhead of an ECM suite foundation in addition to the specific archive module and a (usually separate) records management module for retention and disposition Some candidates entail bringing a new ECM vendor into the organization OPTION 3: HOSTED SOLUTION These are hosted solutions for archiving and presenting high volumes of documents, under a subscription-based model that may include charges based for volumes stored, numbers of users, retrieval volumes, etc

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