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The cloud sync tower of Babel

There are of course also quite a lot of interesting alternatives to Dropbox: Microsoft SkyDrive , Google Drive , Apple iCloud , and many others

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How attached are you to files in your email?

Free and premium plans are available, and the service connects to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Skydrive

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Should you trust the cloud ? Really ?

Some of the file-sharing systems even allow to collaboratively work on documents, as for example with Google Drive , which makes it very attractive to users that want to see in real-time who is doing what on which document

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Appification Gone Wild

SkyDrive is a cloud repository primarily for file sharing and online storage and they literally name Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox in their messaging as points of comparison

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Cloud security risks slow adoption - but help is on the way

Federal agencies, including NARA and the Interior Department, are increasingly committing their email and official records to cloud-based services, while individual consumers including mobile phone and email users are confidently storing their personal photos, medical and financial information in the cloud using services like iCloud, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive

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The Night When Santa Visited An Information Manager

Before I could get a peek inside his bag Santa handed me an iPad and stated, “Lastly, and I didn’t want to kill a lot of trees so I uploaded a big portion of it to Google Drive so I could share it with you

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