How attached are you to files in your email?

By Daniel O'Leary posted 04-03-2013 16:53


Do you hate it when people send you attachments?

I try extremely hard to not send attachments, but people who send me email are not always of the same mindset. With that in mind, one of my favorite apps just released a major update called Attachments Anywhere that helps solve a common problem- email attachments.

Outlook users, bad news- this service is only available for Gmail.

Sending giant files

Have you ever needed to transfer a giant file like a video or database? You can send files of any size directly from Gmail with this attachment, and pick from both local files and content stored in other services. 

Rescuing lost attachments

For some reason, people love to send me files. It's really hard to dig into every message, and scroll to find attachments that are easily lost. One of the features I've enabled is the rule to watch all emails in my account, and automatically save files to my cloud storage accounts. There is a companion mobile app that you can also use to find your attachments on the go.

Rules based filing to cloud storage

This is the REALLY killer feature of, where you can setup rules based on file type, sender and by filename. Let's say you want all email from your boss sent to one folder, while all code samples do to another- automatically. 

Free and premium plans are available, and the service connects to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Skydrive. You need a Gmail account to use this application.

This solves common problems for governance of external documents, discovery of corporate content, and sharing content. Check it out at

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