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From Big Data to Big Content

While Big Data remains a key talking point for many organisations, the launch of AIIM’s recent industry report into ‘Big Content’ goes to highlight that the next information trend is always on the horizon. So what exactly is Big Content, and where should it fit in to your organisation’s existing information strategy?

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Big Data - 10 Tips to get started

The following are a few tips from AIIM analyst Doug Miles about getting started with Big Data and Big Content

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Coming Soon... Those of us that know Content and Social learn Big Data together

A few weeks ago Bryant Duhon put a post up on Twitter seeking a few 'experts' to blog as part of AIIM's expert blogger series on the topic of Big Data, Big Content, and Social

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Time to Scrap Your Existing System?

The big thing that Gartner argues is that new platforms involve new functionality such as social media, big content, analytics, and content-aware optimization

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