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We're a community of Information Professionals who meet up regularly in both Toronto and Ontario.  Want to get in touch? We'd love to hear from you, please email us at

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  • Hi Renee,  There are many successful deployments of's cloud content management platform for the media types you mention. It's highly secure and has metadata tagging, AI frameworks, workflow capabilities all coupled with "Google" like search function. ...

  • Hi Everyone, I'm looking for anyone to share their winners and losers with managing data that comes in the form of photos and of audio and video. I currently work with some scientists and I am looking for a software that could catalogue these files ...

  • One month after posting the message above and sending out my first email, we have had 3 volunteers, we really need 3 more for a full committee, so please consider stepping up and volunteering. Cheers Jed ------------------------------ Gerard Cawthorne ...

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  • Welcome back to this continuing series on the updated Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam . In this post, I'll be focusing on Domain 3, Digitalizing Core Business Processes. You can see the posts for Domain 1, Creating and Capturing Information
  • Recently, you may have heard the phrase, “I am working remotely.” But, what exactly is remote work? Let’s start by explaining the term first. A remote worker is someone who works outside the office space. As technology has evolved, it has changed the way people work and created new opportunities to work outside the office walls. Remote working is also referred to as teleworking or telecommuting
  • By now, you may have heard that AIIM is in the process of updating its Certified Information Professional (CIP) Program . With CIP 3 set to launch soon, your podcast host Kevin Craine wanted to dig deeper into what users can expect from the revamp of the program.