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Square 9 GlobalCapture 

09-28-2023 13:22

GlobalCapture - Document Capture Automation Software

Efficiently add your documents to your repository. Easily capture, classify, and validate high volumes of documents, including paper, PDFs, and even email messages and their attachments, so you can easily find them in a matter of seconds with document capture automation software.

Flexible, modular, and readily scalable

The modular design of GlobalCapture allows you to create a solution built for your specific needs.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Square 9’s TransformAI captures data from documents by intelligently discerning the identity and location of information on each page and completely forgoes the use of template based data extraction. 

  • Advanced OCR Technology

    Automatically recognize your document formats and apply the correct data extraction rules. With GlobalCapture’s easy-to-use design wizard, you can easily handle multiple document formats and create new extraction rules when needed without technical expertise. 

  • Multiple Release Options

    Designed for organizations looking to introduce document capture with or without an ECM platform. You can release files to GlobalSearch, SharePoint, or OneDrive.

  • Identity and Access Management

    A single point of entry for users through Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, or OneLogin offers less time to login, lower help desk workloads and greater incentive to create strong passwords keeping your system more secure. A separate subscription is required for these services.


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