As an information management professional, it's important to sharpen your skills as well as learn new ones! Did you know your AIIM Membership gives you access to free training? Select from the options below:

File Share Cleanup - Quick Study 
If you're about to kick off a file share cleanup project, this training course is for you. It will provide you with an approach to cleaning up your file shares to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

System and Information Inventory - Quick Study
This is a great course for anyone involved with managing an organization's records, systems, or assets, including business managers, end-users, and information management specialists. It will help you to identify the steps required to conduct an inventory as well as the key information to gather as part of an inventory.

Business Process Management - Quick Study
This introduction to Business Process Management (BPM) will provide you with a complete overview of BPM and how it can help your organization take control of your business processes.

Change Management - Quick Study
This training course introduces the terminology, communication plans, and strategies for managing change successfully.

Electronic Records Management - Quick Study
This training course introduces Electronic Records Management as a concept, describes the key business drivers associated with ERM today, and explains important terminology and foundational principles.

Enterprise Content Management - Quick Study
What exactly is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? This training course introduces Enterprise Content Management as a concept and describes the key business drivers for and benefits of ECM.

CIP Study Guide
If you need a little help getting prepared for the CIP exam, this comprehensive study guide was written for you. You will learn the foundations of Intelligent Information Management by exploring the five domains covered on the exam.

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