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The Essential Role of Technology for Law Enforcement and Internal Investigations

Almost every crime leaves a proverbial “paper trail”, but when the probative information spans a vast volume of confiscated documents, electronic records, e-mail, wiretap transcripts, observation reports, cold cases, intelligence, information from telecom and internet providers,...

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SoLoMo Wave Coming: Grab a Board

AIIM president John Mancini talks about trust, being always on, the blurring of information boundaries, and the need for information professionals. Here’s the second in our series of AIIM Conference 2012 keynote interviews. AIIM’s first conference in a decade; we look...

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Enterprise 2.0: It's All About Trust

We’ve all heard about and read numerous articles on how the consumerization of IT is contributing to a revolution in the workplace. Frustrated with clunky enterprise technology, when they regularly use intuitive tools such as Facebook and Twitter at home, employees are now selecting...

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A question of Trust !

In several posts on this blog we continuously point out that it is not so much about the technology, although that does play a part in Enterprise 2.0, but more about the change management, the people and the culture. I want to pick out one of the factors in this and spend a little time in...

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Employee Trust and Advocacy: The By-products of the Social Business

Building trust with employees is hard. I’m speaking from specific experience. Once upon a time the Great Recession stepped on my business and my partners and I had to make financial choices that had painful impact on all 200 of our employees. We convened a company meeting and...

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Dinner in Charleston

Last week my wife and I spent a few days in Charleston, SC. (A side note to readers -- beautiful city and great food -- go there.) When it came to the most important part of our trip (i.e., selecting where to eat), my wife was armed with the handy Paperback 1.0 Frommer Pocket guide...

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Trust: The foundation for Information Governance (Part One: People)

It’s Records and Information Management month. It’s also spring-time in Atlanta, and I have a wasp problem. Those pesky fliers are somehow finding their way inside my home. I asked my friend Kim what pest control service she uses. I trust Kim: she’s a long-term friend, lives...

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