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Selecting the Best Security Information Management Tool

IT specialists purchasing SIM tools need to concentrate on several important characteristics when examining and evaluating vendor offers. As environments in which SIM systems will be implemented may vary, all IT supervisors searching for security information management products should...

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A Little Web Security Goes a Long Way

As the opportunities to do business grows more and more each day in the world of ecommerce, it is easy to get swept up in the excitement of completing deals and transactions online. It is simple to focus on the many benefits the internet provides, but that same spirit of excitement and...

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A Roundup of ECM Usage Patterns

This is a simple guide to ECM usage patterns and solution options to get you started in planning and rolling out ECM. And here in this post I've pulled together a few more resources on usage patterns. Some are more complex than the simple guide. Some are more focused on particular...

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5 Points to Consider when Choosing a Project Manager

Picking the right project management tool can be a long and painful process. Apply this quick 5-point test to packages you’re evaluating for your business, and if one passes with flying colors, it could be the right choice for you. Here are the 5 points to consider: 1) Functionality...

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Back and Back and Back and Back and Back to Basics

Last week, two members of my small team were preparing a short Introduction to SharePoint training session for a few of our engineers. In a few weeks, one of my team members will be working with Steve Weissman of the Holly Group to prepare a training series on ECM Fundamentals which will be...

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Help us to better understand the use of Process Mapping & Modelling Tools

Some of you may recollect that In 2009, I conducted a survey into the use (or non use!) of mapping and modelling tools, for process improvement. At the time the survey was said to have been the most comprehensive of its kind to have been undertaken. Now I need your help. Much has...

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Tool Safety and SharePoint

The use of tools is one of the things that sets humans apart from other animals. Sure, there are other animals that use tools to achieve a task, but only humans have developed a complex set of tools AND the necessary safety precautions to insure we can use them over and over again....

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Records Matter, Declaration Doesn't

This is a follow up, inspired by Scott’s comment, to my post “ Records – Do They Matter? ” There are two things to keep in mind when reading this: 1) only electronic records are in scope; 2) ISO 15489 . Formally declaring a piece of electronic content as a...

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MOSS to MOSS Resuscitation

Information Today's KMWorld held its first ever SharePoint Symposium this past week in Washington DC. A personal highlight was when one of the presenters summoned the cognitive glue that drew an affirming nod in the gallery and binds many KM managers to our critical and often measurement...

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