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Taking Merger Integration All the Way to the Knowledge Bank (Part 2)

After three SharePoint migrations plus an acquisition and a merger thrown in for good measure I'm starting to believe that SharePoint integrations are a little like childbirth: if the mother honestly remembered the depth of her labor pains, there would be a lot more only-children in this world

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Come Together

I think the key pieces are Systems of Record/Engagement (SOR/E) and interoperability (CMIS, Integration for the smarty-pantses reading this)

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The Format is the Message

How long does it take to integrate disparate systems that feed convergent formats, i.e. internal Facebooks How long does it take to generate and then customize the boilerplate graphics that go into your customer-facing reports and communications?

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Is There Really A Social Business Imperative?

But this week all I am able to offer is a look at what I’m wondering about at the moment: what is really the imperative for your business right now -- more social or better integration of data systems?

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How to Select an ECM Vendor in 9 Steps

Even if your set of candidate products is small, you could also be selecting a system integrator (SI) to implement those products, which increases the potential choice of solution providers to hundreds

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It’s the Users... An Old Story Repeated Many Times

An enterprise-wide system was purchased and implemented without any input or approval from the user community and, believe it or not, did not include the IT department (in fact, IT was kept at a distance during implementation by the system integrator)

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